Valentine’s Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and all of us are thinking what valentines gifts to buy for her. Well then you must read on to figure out that perfect gift for her this valentines.


First things first

Before you jump on and pick up a gift for her or decide to just grab some roses and a soft toy first understand what your girlfriend or wife or love interest might really like and cherish! Women really like a thoughtful gift and also love to be surprised. At times for a few women it is not about the price tag but the thoughtfulness you have put into choosing that gift for her.


Valentines Gifting Ideas for that Delicate and classy things lover

If your Lady love is someone who likes modern and delicate stuff it is best to gift her some jewellery. If you have the money then please head off to a local jeweler and grab a classy gold earring or a lovely necklace. Nothing beats gold and diamonds they say.

However if you are on a tight budget then I would recommend that you look for the following. These things look classy and chic. If you know what color your lady love would be wearing on valentines then match up.

Delicate and modern earring are a great gifting choice. Do not look at big chunky ones. Big chunky ones are great for traditional choices but please remember big ones could be heavy and might be painful for your lady.

Cost Range: 150-1000 INR

  • Bracelets

    Valentines gifts for her - Bracelets

Modern bracelets are an excellent accessory that women love to wear. Bracelets go absolutely well with traditional or modern western outfit.

Cost Range: 150-1000 INR

Women love chains. Select something that would go with the outfit. Better still pair with the chain with some earrings and pendant

Price Range: 200-1000

If your lady love prefers to wear a nice modern necklace to compliment her dress or a traditional necklace to wear with that great sari or kurti then you should be considering a necklace. A necklace is slightly more larger and expensive. Feel free to pair up with a matching bracelet and earring.

If you know your lady well and think you are at that stage of your relationship where you can gift clothes then this gift choice is just right. No matter what but women love clothes. Look for a classy gown or if your lady is the traditional lover look at classy Kurtis. If you are unsure of the fittings then I would recommend you to choose a dress material and let the lady choose to get it stitched by her favorite boutique for that perfect fit.


Thoughtful and caring gifting ideas this valentine’s

If you are the thoughtful lover and caring lover then you should move over to gifting something which would show that you not only love but also care.

Ladies usually carry their world around in their handbags. This usually means that they have more than one bag in their arsenal as they mix and match with their dress. An ill designed bag could really hurt her. Look at gifting a comfortable bag which also matches with her outfits. Kashmiri bags are definitely in these days and a great way to carry things around and look classy.

  • Clutch

    Valentines gifts for her - Clutch

    Ladies at times look to carry a small clutch while they wear a one piece dress or a grown. Look for a classy Clutch to gift to her and make her day.

  • Electronic Gadgets

    Valentines gifts for her - Electronic Gadget

If your lady love is into gadgets which rarely is you could try picking up a nice mobile phone. Word of caution do no pick up a cheap device here. Invest in a good device. Or if you have a tighter budget then go ahead and purchase a probable headphone. Women prefer a headset if they are into music. They would also love you for headset as they can use that while they either workout at home or work.

Do you want to gift something that would keep her thinking about you whenever they are home? Well grab a nice wall painting for her. Some ladies are into wall decor and love paintings. Try to probe into her choices before selecting the best gift for her this valentines.


The tried and tested formula

If you think that you are still not ready to explore these awesome options and keep it simple then box of chocolates and some roses never fail. However hold yourself from picking up that chocolate off the rack at a store. Do yourself a favour and go ahead and order a nice handmade chocolate with assorted nuts etc.


Things you should avoid to gift to her for valentines

Let me tell you one thing, women absolutely hate to be gifted household items during special occasions. Dussehra and Diwali for household utilities is fine but valentines is not the time my friend. Do not go around gifting her that food processor or cooker that she has been asking for all these months. She wants to be made to feel special not reminded that she needs to be in the kitchen.

If she loves cooking then probably gift her a recipe book or better still treat her to a date where you do the cooking.


Gifting Pro Tip

If you want to gift like a pro then add a touch of love and wrap the gift yourself. It does not matter that you cannot wrap it like a pro. Ladies love the effort. And hey add a handwritten card to it.


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