Why is Khadi shirts for men so much in Fashion

Why is Khadi Shirts for men so much in Fashion

The takeover of fashion by Khadi Shirts

Men’s New Fashion Trends

When we think about men’s fashion trends, we look at what the top designers are bringing to the fashion shows for the season. We also look at market trends, what our favourite actors are sporting and what is commonly seen on visual media. So don’t be surprised to know that Khadi is ruling both the ramp and the markets! According to reliable sources, the sale of Khadi products had increased by 33 per cent in the year 2016-17 . The year before that, there was a 20 per cent increase in the sale of Khadi products. This spike in sale and immense popularity of Khadi can not only be attributed to the government’s efforts at popularising it, but also to the chic, progressive & elegant look of Khadi.

The Fabric that Breathes

Khadi or Khaddar is a hand-spun, hand-woven fabric that is found in the Indian subcontinent. Khadi is said to ‘breathe’ and keep the person wearing it, cool in the summer. It also keeps warm in the winter, owing to its natural disposition. Due to lack of artificial material and chemicals it is often believed to be skin-friendly. It works wonders for people who suffer from severely sensitive skin. It is considered exclusive and elite as it takes a lot of time and hard-work to spin and weave the material before turning it into smart and comfortable clothes for men & women.

Apart from being the ‘in’ thing in today’s fashion, Khadi has a lot of historical significance as well. From Hiuen Tsang in the 6th Century to Marco Polo in the 12th Century, foreign travellers to the Indian subcontinent have made several positive references to the indigenous Khadi fabrics of the region. During the pre-Independence Swadeshi Movement, the ‘Charkha’ became a symbol of our struggle for sovereignty and united Indians across the country.

Khadi As Ethnic Indian Attire

Khadi Shirt

Earlier, Khadi was mostly used for making ethnic Indian attire like sarees, kurtas, dhotis, shawls etc., but of late it is being used to create some amazing designs in exclusive items like shirts, trousers and even Western dresses for women. Khadi shirts are mostly made of cotton but can be found in silk or wool as well. From full-sleeved formals to half-sleeved casuals or party-wears. From plain whites to quirky prints and colourful ones, you can find Khadi shirts for all seasons and all occasions.

Khadi Shirts For Elegant & Classy Look

Khadi Shirts

Shirts made of real Khadi material are your key to that elegant and classy look. It’s rich texture and unique appearance makes you stand apart from the crowd and ensures that you get the right kind of attention. Khadi shirts can be your choice for that important meeting at work, the special day outdoors with your family or a night of some serious partying with friends. Trust me, Khadi shirts will not let you down.

Khadi Is Populer Even Amongst  Start-ups

Many start-up ventures are now foraying into this burgeoning fashion phenomenon. They are giving tough competition to the government owned Khadi enterprises. They are hiring young and upcoming designers to breathe a fresh new life into the fabric of yore which bears witness to our country’s past, present and future. So, keep your eyes peeled for latest trends in Khadi and revolutionize your wardrobe!

“The charkha is the symbol of non-violence on which all life, if it is to be real life, must be based.”

  • M. K. Gandhi

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